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Use Your Voice!

  1. Sign the Petition

  2. Write to your City Council Member (find contact information here) - please include Mayor Winston on all emails: mayor@BrooklynPark.Org

  3. Write to your entire City Council and your Representative. The addresses are listed here:
    Brooklyn Park City Council 
    Maple Grove: Senator Warren Limmer
    Brooklyn Park and Champlin: Senator John Hoffman
    Brooklyn Park and Champlin: Representative Melissa Hortman
    Brooklyn Park and Champlin: Representative Michael Nelson
    Brooklyn Park and Champlin: Representative Samantha Vang
    Champlin: Representative Danny Nadeau

  4. Consider having your skaters and players write a letter about what the BP CAC
    means to them!


Please do not hesitate to reach out directly if you have any questions.



Currently there are several local organizations who support the idea of revisiting use of funds to remove Rink One and replace with a field house.  Email if you would like to add your organizations support to this cause.

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